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Applications - Product wise

Photo Sensors

Background suppression Sensors in Food Industry
Contrast sensors for detecting Print Mark in packaging industry
Color Sensors for Color Sorting in Food and Automotive Industry
Diffused Sensors for Checking Reel Diameter in Tobacco industry
Laser sensors for Object Counting in compact assembly machines
Transparent retro reflex Sensors for detection of Glass or PET Bottles

Vision Sensors

Vision Sensor for label position inspection
Vision Sensor for component presence check
Vision Sensor for component orientation
Vision sensor for dimensions measurements
Vision Sensor for Object Counting

Laser Marking Machines

Laser Marking Machine for marking on :

Metals DPM, Label Marking
Plastics Label Marking
Spot welding in electronics / jewel industry

Barcode Scanners

Unattended Scanning System(USS) for High speed barcode reading
2 D code reading using High speed Code readers
Barcode readers for Pharma Code
Barcode readers for DPM reading and verification
RFID for Pallet / Container item tracking in Tobacco industry

Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains for :

Punching machines
Benders and Cutters
Metal -Working machines

Ultrasonic & Proximity Sensors

Temperature controllers for Blister Packing and confectionary Machines
Temperature controllers for Monitoring heat in Heat Exchanger System
Inductive proximity sensors to detect Metal objects
Capacitive sensors for paper, wood and plastic Industry
Sensing objects in Battery Industry
Level Sensing in Pharma
Distance Measurement
In Automotive Industry

Applications - Industry wise


Tires, Seats, Other
Press and Body Shop
Paint Shop
Final Assembly

Healthcare Pharmaceutical

Solid Dose Processing
Aseptic Processing
Labelling / Packaging
Healthcare Automation

Food - Beverage - Tobacco

Food Processing
Food Packaging
Beverage and Bottling
Vending Machines

Electronics & Solar

PCB Assembling
Electronic Devices
Photovoltaic Module

General Manufacturing

Glass, Ceramic and Stones
Metal Working
Plastic and Rubber
Paper and Printing

Transportation & Logistics

Mail and Couriers
Warehouse Systems